Big transport infrastructure investment and regional economic development and accessibility based approach

Bartlomiej Rokicki
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences

22/06/2018 – Sexta-feira
18:00 às 19:00
Sala: Auditório do CCSA II


Territorial cohesion and accessibility improvement can be considered as main goals that are in the core of the EU Cohesion Policy. Yet, while there exists an abundant literature the impact of transport infrastructure investment on overall accessibility level, very few studies try to verify the possible link between accessibility and regional economic development. This issue seems to be particularly interesting in the case of the EU New Member States that have experienced a big push to the transportation networks in the last decade. Hence, in the present paper we apply the accessibility indicator for Poland in order to verify general productivity effects of big transport infrastructure investment between 2004 and 2014. We find that accessibility improvement seems to be weakly but positively correlated with regional employment growth. However, the impact on regional production growth is not statistically significant. We also find that there are differences in the impact on urban and rural areas.

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